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Prodios is a platform to bring together like-visioned individuals and organisations. Amplify the reach of your voice, start constructive discussions and bring in a positive social change.

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New ideas and modification of old ideas in a new context can bring wide-scale changes in the society. Engage in discussions with other users and direct it towards a positive change. Support other people’s view by praising them

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With 35000+ non-profits listed on our platform, we provide you the ability to discover top non-profits via searches, filters and recommendations. We believe that the online presence of non-profits is important to effectively show-case their work and commitment towards development of the society. Our platform includes an all-encompassing profile of non-profits showcasing their projects, people and impact.

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Tomorrow’s society will be the reflection of today’s effort towards building it. Don’t be a mere observer, but be the one who strives to bring the spark of a positive change. Start locally and grow globally. Impact lives of thousands of people in need.

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